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Art and Life - My Recorded Journey!

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without painting.  Trees would be green instead of seeing the array of warm and cool tones, textures, and shapes.  Actually, I wouldn’t know that leaves change into every color on the color wheel depending on the season.   If I didn’t paint, beautiful flowers would only be a pretty flower instead of understanding how the flower grows, its translucency, or how it flips turns, tucks and rolls.

Teaching others how to paint has been a wonderful journey for me and as well it has taken me to many countries I would otherwise never have visited.  The friendships I’ve made along the way last a lifetime… Many are already 30 to 40 years old. 

I’m most drawn to painting still life and floral subjects and I thrive on the challenge to paint what I see.  My love of photography, collecting items for still life, and gardening give me endless subjects to paint. 



Roses are my favorite flower to grow and paint. My garden has an abundance of nearly 30 different varieties.  Glass objects are another one of my favorites for still life compositions.  Painting the illusion of transparent objects, and capturing light and dark values of their background and the surrounding colors is fascinating for me.

 Memories - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters
Fresh Cut Florals
Available as an e-pattern/lesson in our online store.

Paint With Sincerity...

Using all 12 colors of the color wheel can be challenging especially when trying to maintain flow in a painting.  The goal of this design is to control intensities and values to achieve a smooth transition from one color to another.  Intensities are controlled with shared toners so all colors have something in common.  Light and dark values need to be repeated throughout the design to help create the flow.

An Artist's Point of View by Neadeen Masters
Leaf Color Wheel Study 2006
Available as an e-lesson/pattern in our online store

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Rain Forest Floor - Acrylic by Neadeen Masters

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